By integrating multi-dimensional data with industry-leading technologies such as big data, AI and neural network, Offer Tech creates a "HR digital integration platform" that connects massive users, numerous B-end enterprises and HR industrial clusters. More


Offer Tech products

Job Hunting APP

Job Hunting APP, designed by Offer Tech, is a new blue-collar platform which integrates recruitment and life service. Job Hunting APP is committed to creating an HR ecosystem with network-scale effects, helping blue-collar workers expand their contacts, providing more career opportunities and accurate demand matching, and upgrading their professional skills, offering one-stop labor solutions, reducing overall operation costs and improving overall competitiveness for enterprises.

Job Hunting APP

A New Generation of Blue-Collar Career Social Contact Recruitment Platform

All-channel Recruitment: APP + WeChat Official Account + Mini Program + Interpersonal Network Recommendation

  • Lite

    Introduce financial, insurance, consumer malls, rental housing platform and other partners to meet the platform C-end employees living scenarios.

  • Social contact

    Build community, plan topics, and guidi users to produce content; enhance stranger social contact, enhance user stickiness

  • Recruitment

    Provide full-time, part-time, hourly jobs and other jobs, and intelligently match positions according to users' resumes, accurately and quickly reach the target users with recruitment information.

  • Offer Tech Cloud

    HR SAAS System

    Five Systems   Accurate Empowerment   Accurate Touching

  • Financial Settlement Cloud

  • Social Security Cloud

  • Compensation Cloud

  • Recruitment Cloud

  • Staff Cloud

  • Smart Park

    Digital HR Service Platform for Intelligent Industrial Park

    Four Systems

  • Intelligent Hardware Management Subsystem

    Property Intelligence

    Self-service Terminal

    Intelligent Big Screen

    Intelligent Access Control

    Intelligent Buildings

  • Financial Services Subsystem

    Qualification Identification

    Enterprise Credit Extension

    Bank Loan

    Commercial insurance

    Investment Fund

  • Park Operation Management Subsystem

    Investment Management

    Entrance Management

    Enterprises Management

    Booking Service

    Information Activities

  • Human Resources and Social Security Service Subsystem

    Social Security Management

    Compensation Management

    Recruitment Management

    Personnel Management

    Financial Settlement

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